PT Poole

Fitness is not about being better than anyone else. It’s about being a better version of yourself.

My name is Steve Goodhand, I’ve always been passionate about martial arts and have been an instructor for over 25 years.

I initially started weight training when I was in my 20s. I suffered from anxiety at the time and weight training helped me get through it.

I started reading about fitness and what type of work out I should add to achieve my goals and have been researching and testing my findings, which led to further qualifications, ever since.


However after having children, I stopped working out and was working in a office job which also led to bad eating habits. I soon gained weight and then became very unwell both physically and mentally. I developed stomach issues that became so bad I had almost 6 months off work. Doctor after doctor gave me more and different medications, then finally a doctor spoke the truth and told me I was obese. He said the best cure was to lose fat.

Strength & Conditioning

So my fitness journey began.

I made lifestyle changes and after just a few months I no longer needed medication.
A few years down the road, I have gained many qualifications in instruction and coaching and I’m now a Level 4 Strength & Conditioning coach. I have a wealth of knowledge and a lot of great fixes and hacks to get to your goals and stay healthy, fit and strong.
Everyone’s fitness journey is different and I can really make a difference.